Latest News

Latest News

New website is coming soon to icare
29 Aug 2017

We are building a new website consolidating all five service lines to make it easier to find what you need. The new icare website will replace the current HBCF public website and your login page will take you to the applications such as CIMS, BEAT and Builder Self-Service Portal. Redirection to the new site will commence in early September 2017.

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Implementing HBCF Reforms
22 Aug 2017

Following the NSW Government announcement the HBCF Insurance has commeced its reforms to ensure long term financial sustainability and to improve services to customers. 
These improvements, such as introducing risk-based pricing mean that lower risk building contractors will receive more equitable outcomes and clarity on their premium. The new pricing includes the introduction of risk based pricing for individual building contractors so that contractors with lower risk characteristics will no longer subsidise higher risk businesses. In turn, consumers will benefit by being able to make better informed choices.

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Making things easier for Builders in NSW
10 Jul 2017

icare hbcf is bringing building insurance into the 21st century with the design of a digital portal for builders. The Self-Service Portal, launched on 10 July 2017 has digitised the process of applying for insurance for builders. Through the portal, participating builders will be able to:

  • view their own eligibility limits and risk based pricing profile
  • obtain quotes for projects
  • review current utilisation of eligibility limits
  • submit new policy applications
  • mark construction projects as completed, and
  • view builder specific reports and certificate data. 

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icare hbcf
30 Jan 2017

The icare hbcf provides a safety net for homeowners who have contracted for residential building work and their builder has been unable to honour their commitments under the building contract due to insolvency, death or disappearance. The safety net is also provided where the builder's licence is suspended for failure to comply with a Tribunal or Court Order to pay compensation to the homeowner. 

Insurance under the HBCF is required to be obtained by builders for all residential construction projects over $20,000.

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References on this website to builders and building work include and apply to work undertaken by trade contractors and other building contractors such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, swimming pool builders etc.