Builder Self-Service Portal

builder self-service portal

About the Portal

The builder self-service portal empowers builders to submit policy applications online as well as to view their policy, eligibility and pricing data.
  • You can create, submit, and track your policy applications
  • You can mark a job completion to free up limits immediately
  • You can get a quote on the current risk based pricing rates
  • You can manage your users’ accounts on the portal

How to access the self-service portal

  • Please contact your Broker/Distributor and inform them of your wish to use the self-service portal. 
  • Nominate a person who at your business will be the self-service portal manager. 
  • Send their contact details (first name, last name, email, mobile phone) to your distributor with an email that authorises them to be your representative and access your business’s privileged information.
  • Please refer to “how to register to use the Portal” PDF document for more details.