Claims Quoting System (CQS)

claims quoting system (CQS)


Welcome to the HBCF Claims Quoting System (CQS). To register your interest in completing the work on any of the current claims in your area, please select from the list below. For more details please view the CQS FAQ's below.


Home Warranty - Claims Quoting System
PostcodeSuburbTypeStage of CompletionClaim Number
2340TAMWORTHNew Single Dwelling ConstructionFitOutHBCF-CL-001089
2641LAVINGTONNew Single Dwelling ConstructionCompleteHBCF-CL-001220
2199YAGOONANew Single Dwelling ConstructionCompleteHBCF-CL-001010
2321MORPETHSingle Dwelling Alterations / Additions - StructuralLockupHW50000478
2836WilcanniaSingle Dwelling Alterations / Additions - StructuralCompleteHBCF-CL-001167
2099DEEWHYSingle Dwelling Alterations / Additions - StructuralCompleteHBCF-CL-001327
2800MARCHSingle Dwelling Alterations / Additions - StructuralCompleteHBCF-CL-001227
2350ARMIDALENew Single Dwelling ConstructionCompleteHBCF-CL-001342
2155KELLYVILLENew Single Dwelling ConstructionCompleteHBCF-CL-001044
2029ROSEBAYNew Multiple Dwellings Construction (<= 3 storeys)CompleteHBCF-CL-001312
2536BENANDARAHNew Single Dwelling ConstructionCompleteHBCF-CL-001101
2800ORANGENew Single Dwelling ConstructionFitOutHBCF-CL-001066
2010SURRYHILLSSingle Dwelling Alterations / Additions - StructuralCompleteHBCF-CL-001228
2641LAVINGTONNew Single Dwelling ConstructionCompleteHBCF-CL-001250
2322THORNTONNew Single Dwelling ConstructionBaseHBCF-CL-001111
2582MURRUMBATEMANNew Single Dwelling ConstructionCompleteHBCF-CL-000591
2146TOONGABBIESingle Dwelling Alterations / Additions - StructuralFitOutHBCF-CL-000639
2505PORTKEMBLANew Single Dwelling ConstructionCompleteHBCF-CL-001243
2756FREEMANS REACHNew Single Dwelling ConstructionCompleteHBCF-CL-001218
2761ColebeeNew Single Dwelling ConstructionCompleteHBCF-CL-001194
2487KingscliffNew Multiple Dwellings Construction (<= 3 storeys)CompleteHBCF-CL-001108
2871FORBESNew Single Dwelling ConstructionCompleteHBCF-CL-001038
2291MEREWETHERNew Single Dwelling ConstructionCompleteHBCF-CL-000502
QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited (QBE) and RBUA are the Claims Managers who handle all claims on behalf of HBCF under policies issued from 1 July 2010. Contact details are at the link here.
You can access the online registration page at the link on HBCF Website (CQS). Select the project you are interested in and follow the prompts to register your interest.
Once you have registered for a specific project, the HBCF will check that your current eligibility open job limits are sufficient to allow you to provide quotations for claims work. In addition, HBCF will check your existing job type/profile matches that of the original project.
Depending on your current HBCF Eligibility limit, the maximum number of projects you can select over a four (4) week period is between 1 and 10.
There will be three (3) builders short listed to provide a quotation along with two (2) reserves.
There is a requirement that quoting builders are located within a reasonable proximity to the project address. This will be verified by the HBCF.
The building consultant appointed by the HBCF Claims Manager is responsible for providing a detailed scope of works for both incomplete and defective claims. The consultants are also available to answer any questions that might arise from either builders or homeowners.
No. The original Certificate of Insurance provides cover for the works performed by the previous builder. You will be required to provide insurance under the HBCF for the work you undertake where the contract price or the value of the work exceeds $20,000.
As with any building works in excess of $5,000 you will need to enter into a new building contract in writing with the claimant/homeowner.
The Claims Manager handling your claim will advise you of the amount the HBCF pay along with the amount due by the claimant (if any). The amounts payable by the HBCF will be paid as the first progress payment with the claimant's funds used after the insurance funds have been exhausted. 
Any additional defective work will need to be reported to both the Insurance Agent and the building consultant. An additional site inspection may be required to confirm the extent and scope of such additional defective work.