pricing calculator

The pricing calculation tool calculates the insurance premium payable for a specific residential building project including Stamp Duty and GST. The calculator shows an option for the user to select to view the premium as a builder or a homeowner.
The calculator also provides the premium charged by icare for new projects based on the details entered. Building contractors are required to refer variations to the contracts to their appointed distributor/broker for premium pricing to be calculated manually.
Applications processed by the building contractor's appointed distributor/broker may be subject to additional fees and charges for their services. 

Important Notice to Builders and Contractors:

Builders should not quote, tender or contract for projects which are outside their approved eligibility profile or without first obtaining HBCF insurance eligibility. Builders should first apply via their distributor/broker for eligibility or to have their eligibility profile amended to cover the project that they are planning on undertaking.
Note. In order to obtain eligibility or to have the eligibility profile changed, a builder may incur costs that should be taken into consideration when quoting, tendering and contracting for a project.  

HBCF - Pricing Calculator

Inputs for premium calculation


The new premium pricing will reflect from 3rd April 2017 onwards.


The actual premium charged by your builder, and set out on the Certificate of Insurance, may vary to that shown on this calculator based on certain portfolio factors (such as corporate structure and length of time in business of your builder). There are additional fees the builder is required to pay to their broker for arranging HBCF cover. A higher or lower actual premium is not indicative of the quality of a builder’s construction work or health of their business.

The premium shown represents the mid-range premium, based on the accuracy of the data you entered and the date you nominated for HBCF insurance is to be issued. Premiums change from time to time and the premium shown may not be the applicable premium when the policy is issued.

HBCF Premiums - PostCode Guide
Metropolitan (Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast) Regional
From To From to
2000 2309 2311 2312
2315 2327 2328 2551
2555 2574 2575 2739
2745 2786 2787 2899