Certificates Register

Certificates Register

Homeowners will be able to check their builder's or trandesperson's insurance and previous claims on a Policy through the 'Certificates Register'. Information to assist the use of the Register is available here. 

The certificate of insurance should be an original issued by the hbcf and should have the name of the builder, homeowner, property address and total contract value. The builder's name shown on the certificate should be identical to that appear on the building licence. Please visit 'Home Building Licence Check' to check a validity of licence record. 

Important Notice to Homeowners

A Certificate of Eligibility is not a Certificate of Insurance for a specific project. A Certificate of Eligibility merely means that a builder has been assessed and approved the entitlement to apply for job/project specific Certificate of Insurance.

It is highly recommended that prior to making any payment, including a deposit under a building contract or Contract for Sale for subsequent purchaser, check the validity of the Certificate of Insurance by using the Certificate Register on this website.

References on this website to builders and building work include and apply to work undertaken by trade contractors and other building contractors such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, swimming pool builders etc.