Certificates Register FAQs

Certificates are currently issued on behalf of the HBCF by its insurance agents RBUA and QBE. This Register is the ultimate proof of a policy being issued for residential building works since 1 July 2010.

Important information:

Please allow 24 hours from the date of issue of the policy/CoI for it to appear on the register. CoIs are pinned to the map where the address data can be validated by the NSW Government Land & Property Information (LPI) mapping systems. Every effort is being made to progressively validate addresses.

The current address HBCF holds may not permit the CoI to be pinned to the map in every instance. There may be user errors or the subdivision may not yet have been added to the map database. Certificates where the address cannot be identified are presented as an alphabetical list.

There is no difference in the validity of policies shown as a pin on the map or listed separately. The web screen shows a map and three optional tabs on the right hand side.

Search tab - allows for a search to be conducted by Certificate number, Suburb/Town, or Suburb/Town and Street name. Certificates on Map – shows a list of pinned certificates that are contained in the search.

Other Certificates in Suburb – shows certificates for the Suburb/Town where the accuracy of the address does not allow pinning to the map.

The “Certificates on Map” and “Other Certificates in Suburb” will not contain the same certificates. The “Other Certificates in Suburb” must be reviewed to find certificates that do not pin to the map.

Option 1

Enter the Certificate number in the search field. If a valid number is entered, the search will open Certificate Detail box with a hyperlink to the map if able to be pinned. All alpha characters should be entered as upper case and hyphens omitted.

Option 2

Open the search tab and search by Suburb/Town or Suburb/Town/Street to navigate the map to the addresssearch area. CoIs pinned on the map will also be listed under the Map tab.

If a CoI is not able to be pinned on the map it may be listed under the "Other Certificates in Suburb" tab. Click on the pin or the hyperlink if listed under either Certificates tab to open a Certificate Details box. Option 3 Zoom and drag the map to your location until individual pins appear. Pins will appear automatically once you reach a street view (typically a 1km radius).

CoI pinned on the map will also be listed under the "Certificates on Map" tab or "Other Certificates in Suburb" tab. Click on the pin (or the hyperlink if listed under either Certificates tab) to open a Certificate Details box.

Firstly check the spelling and search again. If the error message appears that the street is not known zoom the map until certificate pins become visible or maximum zoom level is reached. You can scroll the map until you find the street. Certificates will be pinned to the map if the address is valid. A list will be provided under "Other Certificates in Suburb" tab containing certificates for the map Suburb/Town that cannot be pinned. No lists will be presented until a street view allowing pins to appear has been reached.

This means that the address data does not match the map data base. The policy may still be valid. Properties that match the search field criteria but cannot be mapped may be shown in the Other Certificates in Suburb tab.

The Certificate Details box will be opened by either clicking on the map pin or the listed certificate entry.

By providing proof of ownership and the Register entry will be sufficient evidence of cover when making a claim.

Yes. The protection under the policy is available to all successors in title on the property without the need to change owners names on the certificate record.

NHBCF recommends that new or prospective owners should enquire with the property vendor before an offer is made to purchase a property where clams are listed. The policy document allows for the insurer to pay a specific loss ONLY ONCE. Policies are available on this website.

Where a previous claim has been settled enquiry should be made by intending purchasers to the owners so they are aware of the nature of the loss settled by the insurer. hbcf has statutory privacy constraints for claims information and does not provide such information to a third party. Each policy has an aggregate maximum indemnity limit for all claims set by legislation. Any claim that is settled will reduce the remaining indemnity available for future claims. Refer to the actual policy wording and maximum amount allowable at the time cover was issued for the limit of indemnity.

A CoI will appear 24 hours after issue of the policy. After a day, if the CoI is still not appearing, contact the Insurance agent named on your hard copy of the CoI to check the records and update the Register.

Please be aware that there have been isolated instances of fraudulent certificates used in the market. If the certificate you hold is confirmed as fraudulent please refer the matter to NSW Fair Trading immediately.

The address data held by HBCF may not match mapping data with Land & Property Information (the NSW Government mapping source used) due to spelling errors or new developments not known at the time the building contract was signed. A continuous process of refining data is in place.

All enquiries on the extent of cover available should be made by reference to the insurance policy in force at the time a policy was issued. Insurance Agents contact details are available here. There have been changes in the extent of cover and maximum indemnity value over the period. The Policy wording is available on here.

References on this website to builders and building work include and apply to work undertaken by trade contractors and other building contractors such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, swimming pool builders etc.